It all started at six years old. Black Church. Old Martin Luther King's face on a fan old-school. At six years old I sang my first duet, "Away In A Manger," and although I was TERRIFIED...I was hooked! At that young age I saw grown me cry like babies, and women literally dance until they passed out. I had come to realize then that music was such a powerful connection tool.

Music has always been the one of the few constant things that has been in my life. All through childhood, high school, and college I spent countless hours writing and working to perfect the craft of connecting with people through music.

My very first show as a solo artist was for about 15 people at a park in the middle of Nowhere, California. 2015 I got the change to open for bands like I Am They, Brandon Heath, Mike Grayson, Chris August, Jimmy Needham, and Phil Whickham...I also won my first Showcase! It's been a crazy ride so far. So thank you for joining me, and I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story!